- ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ - The surgery that Dr. Subramanian performed on my back was amazing. I went him earlier this year for severe pain going down my left leg. I could barely walk and laying and sitting were also uncomfortable. The pain medicine and spinal shots did not work but Dr. Subramanian schedule an MRI and saw that it was a herniated disk pinching the sciatic nerve that was cause the pain. He performed surgery in April and Today I am up walking and back to my regular activities. I am thankful to Dr. Subramanian and his staff for taking care of me.– Courtney L. (Yelp)

Bone spurs were identified 25 years ago as the cause of lower back pain which caused me to stop running and only able to perform low impact cardio. All this time I have been able to manage the pain with regular exercise and a trip to the chiropractor several times a year. February 2017 the pain got worse and nothing I could do was giving relief so I went to see Dr. Subramanian. He did x-rays and MRI to evaluate the damage. He felt like trying all options prior to surgery would be best so I went through three series of steroid shots into the spine over a three month period. The shots only provided temporary relief so I came back to Dr. Subramanian to see what he could do. He provided three options. After discussions we agreed he was going to remove the bone spurs and fuse L4 – L5. The minimal invasive surgery was a success with a short recovery. I was back at work pain free within three weeks. I highly recommend Dr. Subramanian if you are having lingering back pain with no relief.– Robert P. (Email)

It is not often that I complement a Specific Individual, his Associate and the operating support staff in the medical profession as I am about to do for the Kingwood offices of ORTHOPAEDIC ASSOCIATES,L.L.P. For a time (two years) it was necessary for the writer to endure a growing pain generating from my back and down the left leg, during this period, visits to several Pain Specialist (all of whom were qualified doctors in their chosen profession) was done. Their recommendation of medication and/or spinal injection gained temporary relief, however, the pain became stronger and more inhibiting with time. The final recommendation of the pain doctor was that I have a enclosed MRI and a Circulation Flow Test performed. The doctor performing the flow test through my circulation system was more than sure that a pinch nerve were the cause of discomfort. Knowing that I do not travel to downtown Houston under any circumstances, he recommended Dr. Navin Subramanian as the professional to resolve my predicament.

With a CD copy of the MRI, the written report pertaining to the finding. a appointment was scheduled to see DR. Navin Subramanian. What follows is the writers complimentary opinion of a well organized, highly reliable and efficiently run operation. Meeting with the Drs. Associate 1st to provide details of the problem and any specific details required went easily and smoothly, required x-rays were taken and then Dr. Subramanian met with me to provide my choices for correction.

Dr. Subramanian provided all the alternatives with the final decision as mine. His confidence level and specifics of my problem, provided me with the assurance to have the Operation. In my 80 years of life and having had operations from a broken appendix, ruptures and water seals I have never seen a procedure move so smoothly and efficiently from the office of ORTHOPAEDIC ASSOCIATES, L.L.P. to the Hospital and then to Home with Home care Nursing. To coin an old phrase, all the i’s were dotted and t’s crossed.

My personal thanks and gratitude goes to Dr. Subramanian, The pain with my left side and leg has completely dissipated, I am able to sleep in my own bed and turn from the left side to right side without waking or groaning from pain. While an anticipated healing time of 6-12 months was required, it appears that the surgery was so well performed that I have been released as fully repaired in 4 months.– Donald S. (Email)

Overall Rating: A– Rhonda A. (Angie's List)

After years of chronic lower back pain, Dr Subramanian’s minimally invasive surgical procedure had me on my feet and walking that same day. Two weeks after the surgery I was able to return to work part-time, resuming my full schedule six weeks after the surgery. Following Dr Subramanian's post-operative physical therapy (walking daily) greatly accelerated the healing process. Six months after the surgery I experience little and often no pain whatsoever, enabling me to do the things I’ve always enjoyed, but was unable for years.– Michael S. (Email)

I've been to 2 other Ortho Doctors prior to Dr. Subramanian. I've had sugery on my L4, L5, S1 in 2013 and no success. I met with Dr. Subramanian and right away he told me that he would be able to help me. He said it with such confidence that was sure myself!!! I'm now 3wks and 2dys post op and I immediately felt some relief from the pressure of pain on my bone. Soon I will begin PT and I am convinced that I will have a better quality of life. Thank You Dr. Subramanian!– W. McFarland & Family (Email)

Dr. Subramanian gave me my life back. I had given up on ever feeling normal again until I found Dr. Sub. My lumbar spine was very messed up after having 2 previous surgeries. After he fused L2-L5, I was walking 2.5 miles within 2 weeks, and I returned to work after 9 days!!! I am taking NO meds and owe it all to him. Please, if you're having back issues, give Dr. SUBRAMANIAN A CALL . He will change your life too.– M. Sturges (Facebook)

Dr. Subramanian is totally awesome! He has done surgery on my lower back and neck. Couldn't ask for a better surgeon! His bedside manner is wonderful, and his staff is great! Love you all– C. Garcia (Facebook)

I had two surgery done lower back in and out had less pain when I come out then I had mid back surgery which is called back fusion stayed in four days no complications everbody in recovery was outstanding and caring I could tell the differences right away walking two days after still recovering but very happy about the results I got to say this has to be the best Dr., for back surgery he has help me out so much I highly recommend Dr. Subramanian if you're in lot of pain he is the best– J. Amberger (Facebook)

Surgery for discectomy. Excellent. Top notch all the way. (Overall Rating: A)– Mary (Angie’s List)

He is very knowledgeable. He tells you whether or not he can do the work. He is not guessing. He was my 5th doctor I had seen for that and he was able to get me back 100% and he did not propose surgery right away. He was really confident.– R. Alvarez (Angie's List)

On October 15th I had trouble walking 100 steps. I would have to sit and put my legs straight out for up to five minutes and thought my hips were going out, this happened for a few years. I went to see a doctor who had me take five MRI's and went back to see the results of them. He said my hips were fine, I was shocked. Then I was referred to my new angel, Dr. Navin Subramanian. After the first visit and a new MRI he told me my lumbar discs were the problem. I set up an appointment to fix the problem. On September 29th I had the surgery and the next day I got up and had to walk 200 steps. The next day I called the nurse to walk 4 to 5 times 500 to 600 steps. On the third day I went home with a walker. The day after I returned home I went to the restroom, got back to the bedroom and asked where my walker was. I had left it in the restroom, I never used it again but used a cane for security, it was a miracle.From that day to this day I called Dr. Subramanian "Superman", he is a very nice and informed me of everything that was going on. To this day, March 5th, I am still going strong. Only you can not pick up anything over a gallon of milk for a while or over eight pounds. I am 63 years old and want to thank him every time I see him.– J. Holdsworth (Facebook)

I have to say that I was always told DONT HAVE BACK SURGERY they all said I would come out worse BUT I had no choice or would have 2 live with the pain and end up crippled. I was told by a friend who had back surgery done from Dr. Subramanian so I went there he had the BEST bed side manner & talked to you and he made me fill like you have known he for a long time he is not a dr who likes to jump into things he will try other things to help b4 he does back surgery unless you have no other choice. we tried shot at first due to my age of 40 then we went to a back surgery that was not real aggressive he removed 6 bone spurs & cleaned up around a disk that collapse that help 4 a while but my other disk finally went out so I had major back surgery he put rods & screws & 2 fusions and I was walking the very day! yes there was some pain from the surgery itself but I COULD 100% feel the pain b4 my surgery was gone! I had this done 3 months ago and I have some bad days but its a healing process I have also sent a few friends into see him and they LOVED him.. if you want a doctoe who knows what he is doing also a dr that cares about your well being and the quality of life then he is the man to see. P.S. my quality of life is so much better I enjoy getting out of bed every morning. dr sub gave me back my life!!– K. Kuhns (Facebook)

Words alone can’t express my gratitude to you for performing my recent spine surgery. For the last six months I was unable to stand for more than a few minutes or walk more than a hundred feet without severe lower back and leg pain. After electing to have the minimally invasive surgery you suggested, the outcome has been wonderful. In the evening of the day of my surgery I was able to get out of bed and walk pain free. The back and leg pain were completely gone. It’s now seven days after my surgery and I am walking more than a half mile twice a day. I feel like I have a new lease on life at age 67.– D. Pitre (Email)

Here are some photos of me on the Elissa (1877 Barque) which is owned by the Texas Seaport Museum in Galveston. As you know I have been a volunteer/crew member for several years. I was having severe back pain and could not function as required to continue in that capacity. After coming to you and following your instruction including exercise and physical therapy, we decided to have surgery. My wife and I were very happy with the Hospital you use. After the surgery, you and your PA, nurse and staff were very understanding and helpful. My rehab time was less than what I had anticipated. The results of the surgery you performed has been better than anyone could have predicted. As you can see in the photos, I am again able to climb up in the rigging and every other task need to sail this 204 ft. ship. We are so thankful we had you do the surgery on my back!– R. Bounds (Email)

The surgery performed by Dr S was life-changing. After four years of lower back pain caused by a degenerative disc I was still leery about surgery. However, the minimally invasive approach was not frightening and Dr S came highly recommended. I was astonished to find almost immediate relief post surgery. Within three weeks I was walking up to four miles a day, at eight weeks I returned to yoga and at twelve weeks i was doing some light jogging and cleared for horse back riding. A memorable moment during recovery was when my husband said he felt like he had his wife back. Not only was I pain free, but the depression caused by the pain and inactivity had lifted. I am extremely grateful to Dr S.. I can enjoy life again!– C. Briggs (Email)

Being 22 and a former gymnast, an L5-S1 disc herniation seemed and felt like the end of the world. I never thought that I would gain the full use of my back again and a life of pain seemed unsettling. After multiple Physical therapy sessions, ESI injections, and after being told by other Physicians that I would “just have to deal with the chronic pain, numbness and tingling that cam e from my back injury,” I knew that Dr. Subramanian was the only surgeon that I could turn to. He listened to and respected my concerns, discussed my treatment options with clarity, calmed my nerves and fears about surgery, and conveyed compassion throughout the entire process. My surgery was a complete success and I can’t even describe how amazing my back now feels. I am excited that I finally have relief after 2 years and that I am now able to enjoy the things I once loved completely pain free! Dr. Subramanian helped me reclaim my life and I no longer have to live my life around an injury! I am so thankful for his competence, knowledge and passion to see that his patients truly receive the best care possible and I am honored to have had him as my surgeon! I couldn’t have found a more perfect Doctor or staff. They truly are the best!

Special thanks to Whitney: Thank you for calming my pre-surgical jitters when I almost chickened out. Having the procedure was the best decision I could have ever made and I am eternally grateful for you! Thank you.– C. Weisheit (Facebook)

Dr. Subramanian did my lumbar spinal fusion the end of Sept 2012 . Its been 3 weeks last Tue. I’m doing great.Before I had surgery I wasn’t able to walk even a block from my house my leg and hips hurt so much. I have worked as personal fitness trainer for the last 17 years and it was to the point that in order to work with my clients then I had to not work out for my self for the last 6 months. I found Dr. Subramanian, went for an appt and was really impressed and felt like he was the Dr. For me. I was really worried about not being able to walk anymore but he calmed those worries. I had worries because I had gotten on the internet and read blogs that other people had written about their surgeries with other Drs and I was so afraid but Dr Subramanian calmed those fears. I can tell you I’m not on pain meds and haven’t been since 2 weeks after surgery and only if I push myself to hard then I may have to take half a pain pill, I try to pace myself now, but its been 3 weeks and I’m walking 3 miles in am and 2 miles in pm. That’s my therapy, I make sure I get my walks in and life is wonderful again. I really was scared that the things I like to do were gone before my surgery. Oh I am 57 and I got my life back. I will do what he tells me to heal properly and get fusion cause it so wonderful to feel good again. Thanks you Dr. Subramanian ,Whitney and all your staff.– C. Appel (Facebook)

I had neck pain for 2 1/2 years. My life was at the point of pain, bed, pain, bed and more pain. Lots of tears and heartache at believing that this was now my life. Dr. Sub was so confident that he could change my life…I jump feet first and trusted him completely. God answered my prayers and sent an Angel in Dr. Sub. As soon as I woke up in recovery my life had changed. The pain that was so unbearable was gone. Thank you Dr. Sub for giving me and my husband our lives back!!!!– R. Denise (Facebook)

There are, in my opinion, very few doctors who can compare with Dr. Subramanian who is so honest and caring with his patients. He always tries to find the best solutions to your problem before jumping into surgery if there are other paths to try. When he finally agrees with the patient that an operation is the best course to take, you can feel very comfortable that he will do an outstanding job. He was so very knowlegable in dealing with all my degenerative spine problems. I have never respected or trusted another Dr. in the same field anywhere close to how I trust and respect him. Patients can relax because in the office he takes all the time you need and when he operates. you know you have the best Orthopaedic Surgeon to care for you.– A. Farr (Facebook)

My husband went to see Dr. Subramanian because we were refer to him by the list of Doctors in the Workman’s compensation network, my husband back injury was related to a work related injury. We were not for sure what to expect about our visit with Dr. Subramanian or his staff; from scheduling the appointment or talking with his staff. The surgery went well. My husband and I are very happy with the outcome. Dr. Subramanian and his staff were very professional and courteous.– J. Garces (Angie’s List)

I want to say Thank you Dr. Subramanian and his staff. You and your staff have treated me with so much care in your office and when i went in the hospital to have my surgery. I was just amazed on how wonderful everyone was and also with my incision. I was scared i would have a ugly scared but it looks really good… I feel so much better no pain at all.. Thank’s to you and your staff for caring so much for your patients.– B.N. Sosa (Facebook)

The best spine doctor ever.– K. Kuehn (Facebook)

Thank you Dr. Subramamian for giving me the chance to enjoy life again. I at the of 70 am enjoying the life of a 55 year old. When I came to you with severe leg-hip and lower back pain that I had been experiencing for the past many years and living on various pain meds, you did not make any any guarantees but did explain you might be able to help me up to 85% with the pain relief. Now at 5 weeks post-op, I am 100% pain free. My husband-Leslie of 52 years and I appreciate your professional and passionate bed-side manner and also that awesome staff of yours.Thank you again for helping me enjoy life again–the love of our life–dancing. We are not doing the Polka yet but are doing the Waltz and Country style dances. I will recommend you to anyone with back problems.– C. Faldyn (Facebook)

Thank you Dr. Subramanian for giving me an opportunity to have a normal life style again. I was experiencing severe neck pain causing headaches and numbness in my arms. After a consualt with Dr. Subramanian he explained my options for surgery. I was able to make a wise decision by choosing the recommended procedure for neck surgery. Not only am I a patient but I work closely by his side as his Medical Assistant. I am living proof that your pain can be healed and have a speedy recovery. I was able to return to work full time in two weeks. May God continue blessing his ability as a Spine Surgeon.– L. Gonzales (Facebook)

Thank you Dr. Subramanian you did surgery on my husbands back and he feels awesome.– G. Schreiner-Daulton (Facebook)

To anyone considering back surgery, this is a ringing endorsement for the entire experience that I had when Dr. Subramanian did my back surgery. From the diagnosis procedures, the surgery itself, and the post-op treatment/rehab that I received, everything was absolutely first rate and topnotch. I highly recommend Dr. Subramanian to anyone who is considering back surgery.– M. Evans

Just four days out of surgery, this is the best I’ve felt in two years. The crippling nerve pain is completely gone. It’s almost too good to be true. Thank you so much for giving me my life back. This is the best Christmas gift my family could have ever asked for.– D. Raffetto (Facebook)

I had neck pain nearly all my life. I would like to thank Dr. Subramanian and staff for all your kindness and patience. I know I haven’t always been the most cooperative patient, and your patience has not gone unnoticed. My recently improved health is a credit to your expertise and attentiveness. I will be certain to continue to recommend you to everyone I know. I would like to thank you and the nurses staff once again for making my short visit a relatively pleasant one. Thank you.– M. Posada (Facebook)

To the doctors at Orthopaedic Associates, I’ve been a patient of Dr. Subramanian for about a year and during which time he performed a cervical fusion. I am happy to say that the surgery was very successful. Dr. Subramanian and his staff conducted themselves in a very professional and caring fashion. I am now, along with Dr Subramanian’s recommendation, deciding on having lumbar surgery. I feel confident that whatever decision is made will be the correct one.– L. Matthews (Email sent to Orthopaedic Associates)


I’d like to thank my doctor, Navin Subramanian, M.D. and the team (specifically Tony and Lydia) at Orthopaedic Associates in Kingwood Texas. Your caring and professionalism is greatly appreciated. Thank you for being there for me.– A. D. Roberts (Email sent to Orthopaedic Associates)


Dr. Subramanian confidently accepted me as a patient with excruciating back pain that almost made it impossible for me to walk or even get out of bed. Another doctor wasted time with therapy that did not work, pain medication, and trying to convince me to get pain injections. During my first appointment with Dr. Subramanian, it was thoroughly explained to me what was needed, and he said, “Robert, I can fix it”. Immediately after surgery I could tell the difference. The pain was gone. I am grateful and blessed to Dr. Subramainan and his staff for taking care of me.– R. Davis (Email sent to Orthopaedic Associates)


I had spine surgery about 6 months ago and I am so glad I chose Dr. Subramanian to perform the procedure. He treats his patients with so much care you would have thought I was family. My surgery changed my life, giving me the mobility and freedom I used to have before I was injured on the job. I recommend this doctor to all of my friends and family. He is known as a “superman” and he is my hero! My pain is 80% gone since my first initial visit. I know that within time the other 20% will go away.– Ms. Silva (Email sent to Orthopaedic Associates)


I just had surgery from Dr Subramanian.,, and I cant begin to tell you.,, the gratitude I owe him.,, he was the only Doc that opened his heart up and would listen to what I thought had been causing my pain and had me bedridden.unable to function., for years without unbearable pain..Please if anyone listens everything will not show on Mri., s..but cat scans and..The disco gram is what he ordered after I had already numerous MRIs..that didn’t show where the L-5-S-1 was totaly not there…I believe he saved my life through divine intervention and lots of tears and praying… Hes one of a kind..and I’m so releived his surgery has helped me and made me feel I’m actualy going to pick my granddaughter up after not being able to hold her since birth. Thank you to Dr. Submaranian and hospital staff for saving my life!– J. C. Lowe (